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Workers Compensation Insurance Dividends


What is a Workers Compensation Dividend?

Dividends reward loyal policyholders whose low claim losses help Texas Mutual Insurance Company control premiums. Visit the News
& Publications section at the Texas Mutual website for more information about dividends.

2008 - A record year for Workers Compensation Insurance Dividends.

In 2008, we declared a company-record $150 million in individual policyholder dividends.

What is a Workers Compensation Insurance dividend?

When publicly owned corporations pay dividends, they distribute a portion of company earnings to their stockholders. All stockholders receive a dividend based on the number of shares they own. When Texas Mutual Insurance Company returns dividends, we reward specific policyholders for their loyalty and focus on controlling their claim costs.

Why should I stay with Texas Mutual Insurance?

Our dividend plan rewards you for up to five consecutive years of acceptable claim losses. Your dividend earning potential increases each year. If you leave Texas Mutual before the fifth year, you start from square one when you return.

How do I improve my chances of earning a Workers Compensation dividend?

The best way to improve your chances of earning a dividend is to control your claim losses. The best way to control your claim losses is to prevent accidents. From there, you should help injured workers return to the job as soon as medically reasonable. Visit for information on safety and return-to-work.

What is a Workers Compensation group dividend?

Texas law allows employers in similar industries to reduce their workers’ comp premiums by forming group discount programs. Group dividends are based largely on each group’s claim losses. Individual dividends are based largely on your personal claim losses. Employers who earn group dividends are also eligible to participate in the individual dividend program.

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