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How Workers Compensation Benefits Your Business.


Workers compensation insurance is unmatched in the legal protection that it provides under state law. Section 408.001 of the Texas Labor Code explains that, with only a few exceptions, workers’ comp benefits are the injured employee’s sole source of recovery from an employer who carries valid workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

"Subscribers" are employers who choose to carry workers’ compensation coverage for their business and their employees. As "subscribers" to workers compensation insurance, the state labor statutes offer significant protections for both employees and employers.

"Nonsubscribers", on the other hand, bear complete financial responsibility for an employee’s injury or death if they are found negligent. The total amount you could be responsible for is unlimited. In short, going “bare” could cost you your business.

Medical and income benefits for your employees

Some employers think they have found a cheaper substitute for workers’ comp by purchasing so-called alternative policies. Unfortunately, alternative policies often leave huge gaps in coverage, limit medical benefits, and refuse to cover some illnesses, diseases and accidents. Workers compensation policies continue to pay the costs of medical and income benefits for all compensable claims that occurred while the policy was in effect. Employers who subscribe to workers’ comp send a clear message to their employees: We value your health and safety, and we have taken steps to protect you on the job.

Workers compensation health care networks

Cost is the most common reason nonsubscribers cite for not carrying workers’ comp coverage. In 2005, the Texas Legislature took steps to control costs by allowing insurance carriers to establish or contract with health care networks.

The law stipulates that networks should focus on getting injured workers well and back to productive employment. This emphasis on return-to-work should help control claim costs and lower premiums. For more information about the workers’ comp health care network offered by Texas Mutual Insurance Company, ask your agent or visit the Health Care Network section at  

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