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Top 5 Websites for Emergency Preparedness

Apr 3, 2011

By Ashley Western, Commercial Business Development Manager

With Hurricane season swiftly approaching, it is important to have an Emergency plan. Doing a little planning ahead of time will ensure you and your family peace of mind should disaster strike. Here are 5 of my favorite websites for disaster planning:

1. - Experts say every family should be prepared to remain self-sufficient for at least 72 hours should a disaster strike. This website takes you through various disasters, and gives you great info on how to take care of everyone in your family.

2. - Simply gives Checklists for all kinds of disasters: everything from wedding planning to tsunamis! However, I like their easy to use hurricane checklist most, as it gives you a centralized list of things to do to prepare yourselves for a storm.

3. - The FEMA website is full of info on preparation for everything from floods to wildfires.

4. Texas Department of Public Safety's website on hurricane preparedness.

5. - This is a twitter site dedicated to frequent updates about hurricanes all over the country.

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