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Cravens Warren

Serving the risk management and commercial insurance needs of business. Cravens Warren, founded in 1946, has been serving the insurance needs of... read more

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Risk Management

Risk Management... A positive impact on your bottom line.

Our licensed Risk Management team uses a 4 Step Process focused on the identification, measurement, implement and monitoring of your risk profile. Our Risk Management strategies are designed to save money and improve your operating results. We use a unique, Risk Management Audit process to get to know your company's strengths, it's growth plans and the risks that could stand in the way of realizing those objectives.  We build solid, long term relationships because our focus goes Beyond Insurance.  Our passion is to help you reduce, eliminate and shift risks.  We specifically want to help beyond the scope of insurance coverages since insurance is only one method of handling risk.

What Size Company Needs Risk Management?

Virtually all Fortune 500 companies have a Chief Risk Officer and Risk Management department to manage their company's risks.  As a growing, middle market company you have most all the same exposures, but not the dedicated staff to continuously deal with the risks.  That is where Cravens Warren comes in.  We can be your company's risk management team. We will consult with you and your staff members to discover your major risk exposures.  We then analyze the magnitude of those risks and work to design techniques to handle them. 

After all insurance will not prevent a total fire loss.  Nor will insurance keep a lawsuit from happening or eliminate employees accidents on the job.  But dedicated Risk Management techniques can help eliminate or minimize those events!  As Ben Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned".  The savings come in the form of lower insurance premiums, less down time from losses, and improved productivity from better working conditions for your workers.

If you're tired of last minute, renewal, insurance proposals and no other service from your insurance broker, call us.  If you believe that focused attention to your risks can lower your exposures, call us.  If you believe that all accidents are preventable, call us.  We can, and will, deliver the Risk Management service and the cost effective Insurance products that you deserve.