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Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance 

Hired and Non Owned Auto Liability Coverage is an extremely valuable coverage, related to commercial auto liability, for your business . Even in the event that your company doesn't have any vehicles titled in its name, you should still carry coverage for Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability Insurance which can be endorsed onto your Package or General Liability Insurance policy, or can be written as stand alone coverage. This non owned auto liability insurance coverage becomes vital in the event that an employee or agent of the company is involved in an accident in their personal vehicle on company business.  In that case the company and the individual can both be at significant risk

Non Owned Auto Liability insurance protects your company if it is brought into a lawsuit resulting from an auto accident involving a vehicle owned by you personally, or owned by one of your employees (not owned by the company) if they were using it for company business. Hired Auto Liability also  protects your company interests in the event that it is sued resulting from an auto accident due to the use of a leased or rented vehicle by one of your employees while on company business.

Hired Car Physical Damage coverage provides your company with coverage similar to collision and comprehensive in the event that a vehicle you rent or leased is damaged. Vehicle liability is one of the areas of greatest exposure for many companies and the right commercial auto liability insurance can mean the all of the difference. Contact a Cravens Warren auto insurance specialist today for more information and to receive a free Hired & Non-Owned Insurance quote.