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Life Insurance And The Probability Of Dying In A Plane Crash

By Mike Schneider | Oct 6, 2015
Life Insurance And The Probability Of Dying In A Plane Crash image

What is the probability of dying in a plane crash...while flying a pilot simulator?

That's airline pilot simulator...on the a one story building?

A few weeks ago, when I was in Wichita, Kansas, I found out that is exactly what happened on October 30, 2014, when I saw the remains of a burned out building near their airport.

Almost a year ago, a pilot with several decades of flying experience under his belt started his day like any other day. He was training a Russian pilot, with the help of a translator, in a simulator located in a one story building near the airport. Everything was business as usual.

Meanwhile, the pilot of small plane who had left the airport radioed that the left engine had quit shortly after takeoff. Trying desperately to make it back to the airfield, he fell short, ripped through the building, and with full gas tanks, the plane exploded and burned the building completely. All four people inside were killed.

So what are the odds of dying like that? As a Risk Manager and a Property & Casualty Insurance Broker, I deal with "probabilities" on a daily basis. Your first thought is probably "chances of this happening are one in a million". However, after doing a little research, I found the odds of dying in a single airline flight's crash range from 1 in 4.7 million to 1 in 11 million depending on the statistician and source. So the odds of dying on the ground, while in a pilot simulator are closer to "1 in 100,000,000", or even less!

Even that TINY risk is covered in your life insurance policy, just like every other risk.

Here are the events that are more likely to happen to most of us:

Heart Disease or Cancer: 1 in 7;
Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1 in 112;
Unintentional poisoning: 1 in 119;
Choking on food: 1 in 3,649;
Air Transport incidents: 1 in 8,357; (lifetime)
Hornet, Wasps & bee stings: 1 in 75,852
Lightning strike: 1 in 103,798

Now, we are all aware the odds that we will each eventually die are 1 in 1, or 100% ! So regardless of how you leave this world, just do not go unprepared. Plan ahead now.

Life Insurance is an excellent way to help you prepare and September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. More information is available at the non-profit, educational website: "Life Happens ". . This website can help you determine what type and limit of life insurance is best for you and your family.

Cravens Warren would also be happy to help you with any other Life Insurance questions you may have and we can also provide a free quote to you. Should you choose to purchase Life Insurance, we can help provide the coverage you need Call us today.