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Cravens Warren

Serving the risk management and commercial insurance needs of business. Cravens Warren, founded in 1946, has been serving the insurance needs of... read more

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Legal Malpractice Insurance

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance is one of our practice specialties.

Many Lawyers and Law Firm Administrators search for the solution to the dilemma of finding the best coverage for their firm's unique needs. What we do at Cravens/Warren is get to know your firm so that we can recommend the most appropriate coverage and company from among the 26 Lawyer's Professional markets that we represent.

Insurance programs for Law Firms

Insurance programs for Law Firms are a specialty area of Cravens Warren. Our 50 year history of representing Law Firms demonstrates consistent service to the lawyer market. We currently insure hundreds of law firms. This constant access to the market keeps us up to date on all of the latest trends in coverage forms and also allows us to get the best possible pricing for your firm.

Legal malpractice Insurance Products Require Experience

We are pleased to count many ALA Members as loyal customers. Law Firms receive service through a dedicated "Team" approach, where we design programs to match each firm's unique needs. Legal malpractice Insurance products, that are not generally offered or even available form most commercial insurance firms available, are what we specialize in.

We know this marketplace. Try us. You'll be glad you did. Our legal malpractice insurance specialists are David Schroeder, Betty Copaus, Mike Schneider and Ashley Western. Contact us today for a coverage analysis and a free quote.

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