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Kids Off to College? Time to Review Your Insurance

Aug 15, 2012

By Ashley Western, MSM RMI
Commercial Business Development Manager

In the rush of getting the kids back to the dorm room or apartment at Universities around the country, the idea of changing insurance coverage to meet your new needs may never enter your mind.  However, it's a critical element of ensuring your child, and their belongings, stay safe this school year.

For kids going to college away from home, it is particularly important to review your property, auto, and health insurance policies. 

Regarding your student's personal belongings, its important to ask your insurance agent if your homeowners coverage will extend to the dorm room.  If your student is renting an apartment, it's smart (and often required by the landlord) to consider purchasing a renter's policy to cover their belongings.  These policies are very inexpensive, and are easily purchased.

Auto coverage needs can also change when your child goes off to college.  If they are attending college out of state, and will not have a vehicle, notifying the insurance company of this may result in a price break for you.  Alternatively, it is critical to notify the company if one of your vehicles will be moving with your child. 

Regarding health insurance, students are typically covered under their parents' policies until age 26.  It is smart to ask the college clinic (before an illness) if your coverage is accepted.  Also, if your child is not covered under the family's health plan, it can be a great (and less expensive) investment to purchase health insurance directly from the campus health center. 

With any life change, it is important to review your insurance portfolio with your agent.  If your family has undergone any recent changes, please contact us.  We are here to assist you in any way possible.

Here's to another great school year!