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Internet Liability Insurance

Does Your Company Need Internet Liability Insurance?

With the rise of the internet as a medium for commerce and information, there is also a rise in internet liability for commercial entities. Internet Liability Insurance coverage is designed to protect businesses from liabilities that arise from the conducting of business over the Internet, including copyright infringement, defamation, and violation of privacy. We have experts in the field of Internet Liability Insurance who can help your company asses your needs and find the right coverage.

What is Internet liability Insurance?

With rapid advancements in technology and society's increasing reliance on IT to manage their businesses and lives, it is not surprising that technology companies are facing greater liability risk for the work they perform and products they supply.

Who do we Insure?

Cravens Warren recognizes that technology related businesses require insurance coverage that fits their specific needs. This is why Cravens Warren has team of specialist who are focused solely on providing the best liability insurance cover for technology companies. We specialize in providing internet liability insurance protection to a wide range of technology businesses, including:

    IT and Telecommunications
        Equipment Manufacturing
        Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturers
        Computer equipment manufactures
        Electronic components and accessories manufacturers
        Integrated circuit manufactures
        Network/hardware manufacturers
    Software Development - Designers, developers and producers of:
        Pre-packaged software
        Operating Systems
        Networking Software
        Application software and tools
        Computer programming
        Shrink-wrapped software
    Information Technology Services
        Data processors and system integrators
        Data storage and retrieval services
        Computer consultants and systems analysts
        Computer maintenance and repair
        IT outsourcing and facility managers
        Value added resellers
        Other computer-related services
    Telecommunication Services -Voice data and video transmission services including:
        Internet Service providers
        Application service providers
        Web hosting, data centers and ancillary services
        Wireless communication and messaging services
        Network consulting and support services.

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