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International Insurance Overview

In today's global business climate, International Insurance is a must for U.S.-based companies doing business overseas. This single, easy-to-read international property & liability policy can be tailored to include some or all of the coverages listed below, and helps protect against the many financial and personal risks confronting organizations with operations outside our nation’s borders.

What to Look for in an International Liability Policy:
  • Coverage for emergency political evacuation.
  • 3 Year Policy Term with premium discount of up to 10% available for pre-paid premium option.
  • $1,000,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation limit
  • $25,000 Per Accident/Policy Limit for Hired Auto Physical Damage coverage
  • Employers Responsibility automatically includes primary voluntary workers compensation
  • $50,000 automatic Kidnap & Extortion limit or higher
  • $25,000 automatic Accidental Death & Dismemberment limit or higher

Businesses That Need International Insurance

U.S.-based organizations that:
  • Employ workers who travel internationally or are stationed in foreign countries
  • Sell products outside the U.S. via direct export sales, catalogs or the Internet
  • Sponsor international trips, tours or study groups
  • Have international manufacturing operations, distribution facilities or offices
  • Participate in international exhibitions or trade fairs
  • Perform service or repair work abroad
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