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International General Liability

What is International General Liability Insurance?

Most U.S.-based organizations understand the legal exposures they face here at home. When businesses venture to other countries, however, they can encounter a myriad of unfamiliar laws, languages and customs. Make international commercial general liability coverage the first line of defense against costly legal actions arising from events occurring outside our nation’s borders.

Why Do You Need International Liability Insurance?

  • Domestic GL policies cover lawsuits brought within U.S. borders only.
  • U.S. companies operating overseas have no safety net if taken to court. 

What Coverages are usually Included?

  • Bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) liability
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Personal and advertising injury liability
  • Medical payments

Recommended Coverage Limits

  • $1 million each occurrence BI/PD & per claim for employee benefits
  • No general aggregate
  • $2 million aggregate for products-completed operations
  • $1 million aggregate for personal & advertising injury
  • $1 million aggregate for premises damage
  • $10,000 per person for medical expenses

What Policy Feature Should You Expect?

  • Covers suits brought overseas for events occurring outside U.S.
  • Also covers suits brought in U.S., when event occurs outside U.S. borders.
  • Coverage is on pay-on-behalf-of or to-indemnify basis.
  • Premises damage is on all risks basis.

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International General Liability FAQs

Is claim for a U.S. product sold in other countries covered?

Is claim for a U.S. product sold in other countries covered? Yes, coverage is provided whether suit is brought in the country where the occurrence occurs or suit is brought within the US court system.

Is occurrence and aggregate limit available higher than $1,000,000?

Is occurrence and aggregate limit available higher than $1,000,000? Yes, we can provide limits of up to $5,000,000 for “each occurrence” and Products-completed operations aggregate. We do not provide limits higher than $1,000,000 for Premise Damage, or $10,000 for Medical Expense.

If claim for U.S. product is brought in foreign court...

If claim for U.S. product is brought in foreign court... Yes, if a claim is brought in a foreign court for a product manufactured in the US, the judgment rendered would be held up in the US court even though the Insured had no physical presence in the foreign country. (Physical presence meaning, by either a physical location or legal entity). The US courts may enforce the judgment as if it were rendered here in the US. Of course, the judgment would have to be in compliance with American law.