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International Employers Responsibility

Outside the U.S., nothing quite compares to our nation’s own workers compensation system for comprehensive coverage. Likewise, few countries can match America’s high standard for healthcare, and U.S. travelers often require medical evacuation for emergency treatment. Addressing these realities, companies purchase international employers responsibility coverage to assure seamless protection for workers living or traveling in foreign lands.

Why is International Employers Responsibility Needed?

  • Accidents and illnesses occur when employees travel overseas.
  • Businesses need a way to protect against employee-filed lawsuits for accidents or diseases contracted outside the U.S.
  • Business travelers often require timely assistance with medical, personal, travel or security matters while overseas.
  • Employers doing government work beyond U.S. borders need Defense Base Act Coverage for military and non-military projects.
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International Employers Responsibility FAQs

When would International Employers Responsibility coverage be needed?

When would International Employers Responsibility coverage be needed? If the insured will be on board a vessel in international waters, or working dockside or on board a vessel in a foreign country, MEL [Marine Employers Liability] coverage may be required.

What is Voluntary Compensation?

What is Voluntary Compensation? Workers Compensation coverage that is provided voluntarily by an employer in the absence of a statutory requirement to provide workers compensation.

What is Endemic Disease?

What is Endemic Disease? A disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location.