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Injuries and Disability Statistics in America

Unintentional-injury deaths were down 0.4% in 2007 compared to the revised 2006 estimate. Unintentional-injury deaths were estimated to total 120,000 in 2007 and 120,500 in 2006. The 2007 estimate is 2% greater than the 2005 final count of 117,809. The 2007 estimate is 38% greater than the 1992 total of 86,777 (the lowest annual total since 1924).
The death rate in 2007 was 39.8 per 100,000 population - 17% greater than the lowest rate on record, which was 34.0 in 1992. The 2007 death rate was up 1% from the 2006 revised rate.

Comparing 2007 to 2006, motor-vehicle, work, and home deaths decreased while public deaths increased. The population death rates in the motor-vehicle, work, and home classes declined while the rate incraeased in the home class.
The motor-vehicle death total was down 3% in 2007. The motor-vehicle death rate per 100,000,000 vehicle-miles was 1.44 in 2007, down nearly 3% from the revised 2006 rate (1.48) and down 5% from the revised 2005 rate which was 1.52.
According to the latest final data (2005), unintentional injuries continued to be the fifth leading cause of death, exceeded only by heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory diseases.

Nonfatal injuries also affect millions of Americans. In 2006, 33.3 million people - about 1 out of 9 - sought medical attention for an injury and 3 million people were hospitalized for injuries. Unintentional injuries accounted for about 27.6 million hospital emergency department visits and 6.4 million hospital outpatient departments visits.
The economic impact of these fatal and nonfatal unintentional injuries amounted to $684.4 billion in 2007. This is equivalent to about $2,300 per capita. These are costs that every individual and household pays whether directly out of pocket, through higher prices for goods and services, or through higher taxes.

Cited from National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2009 Edition

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