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Serving the risk management and commercial insurance needs of business. Cravens Warren, founded in 1946, has been serving the insurance needs of... read more

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Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance Categories

Does Your Company have the best Group Life and Health Insurance Policy?

Cravens Warren will provide knowledgeable analysis of your specific needs and then match them with the most competitive pricing in the marketplace on group healthinsurance  and group life insurance. We have access to all the major carriers of health insurance, BCBS, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Humana, to name a few. If you are looking for groups over 50 employees we can offer those markets, as well as partially self-funded plans.

Purpose of Life Insurance

There are many uses for group life insurance, in addition to providing income replacement. We can structure buy/sells for business owners, plan for estates using trusts, or provide for replacement of estates when using charitable remainder trusts. Let Cravens Warren illustrate the type of life insurance product that fits your individual or business needs whether it is term or permanent coverage. You can use our search engine to generate term quotes at your convenience.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance policies are one type of cash value insurance. Whole life policies offer protection through a lifetime - that is, for a persons "whole life." From the day you buy the policy, you pay a scheduled premium,. The scheduled premium may be level or may increase after a fixed time period, but it will not change from the amount(s) shown in the policy schedule. It is important that you look at the policy schedule to be sure you understand what your premium payments will be and that you can afford them over time. This premium is based on your age at the time of purchase. Initially, it will be higher than the premium paid for a term policy, but you are likely to end up paying less in premiums when you are older, if you keep the policy for a long time. Part of each premium payment will go to cash value growth, part for the death benefit and part for expenses (such as commissions and administrative costs). There is no need to renew whole life policies. As long as you pay your premium when due, your coverage will continue in force throughout your life.