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General Liability for Daycares & Private Schools

May 5, 2011
General Liability for Daycares & Private Schools image

General Liability for Daycares, Montessori, and Private Schools:  Children Need Separate Protection for Accident Coverage

Daycares, Montessori Schools, and Private Schools are typically insured with a comprehensive program, involving several types of coverage.  However, what you may not  know is that while General Liability covers Property Damage or Bodily Injury to 3rd parties, it does not typically cover medical payments associated with Bodily Injury to students in the school's care.

However, there are ways to protect your facility from liability. 

First, every school/ student contract should waive liability in the wording, except for the gross negligence of the school. Gross Negligence claims are still typically covered in the General Liability, but the bodily injury medical payments themselves are not.  (Each policy is different- check your terms & conditions for verification) Your legal counsel can recommend ways to contractually limit your liability.

Also important, your insurance policy can be supplemented to protect you from this exposure.  Accident policies can be purchased with a broad range of limits & deductibles.  This can be an inexpensive way to go one step further, and insure your liability exposure for medical payments attributed to the accidents of children in your care.  You may also find it courteous to include the coverage for your students, as it will help to ensure there is lessened conflict with parents in the event of an incident. 

This brochure explains more details about the coverage available:

The Special Markets Insurance coverage can only be purchased through an authorized agent.  Call us today for a quote.