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Employment Practice Liability Insurance for Law Firms

ABA Employers Edge: EPLI for Law Firms

Chubb Specialty Insurance

Developed in partnership with American Bar Insurance Plans   and endorsed by the American Bar Association (ABA), Chubb's ABA Employers EdgeSM policy offers comprehensive stand-alone Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage for law firms. This product is designed to meet the needs of the law firm community and also provides superior claims-handling and risk management services.

Chubb's ABA Employers Edge policy includes the following coverage features to the fullest extent permitted by state laws and regulations

  • Punitive damages coverage.
  • Coverage for third-party harassment or discrimination claims.
  • Coverage for claims by partners.
  • Defense expenses for claims involving breach of written employment contracts, injunctive relief, or violations of workers compensation, COBRA, or similiar laws.
  • No "intentional acts" exclusion.
  • Independent contractor and volunteer coverage.
  • No "other insurance" clause.
  • Optional incident reporting.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Non-cancelable by the insurer once the premium is paid.

Claims Handling
Chubb is committed to a high level of professionalism, open dialogue, and amicable dispute resolution. The result is prompt, efficient, and fair claims handling. With ABA Employers Edge, Chubb's claims attorneys work directly with the insured to determine the most viable options when handling employment-related claims.

Risk Management
Recognizing the increase in employment-related claims in the law firm community and the increasing complexity of the employer-employee relationship, ABA Employers Edge provides firms with a risk management program to further educate and assist insureds regarding the perils associated with employment-related exposures. Chubb's risk management program includes access to our multifaceted Employment Practices Loss Prevention Program.  Resources include a wide array of employment tools and information available via web-based ChubbWorksSM , a toll-free hot line, a panel of consultants, and more - all designed to help companies reduce their EPL exposures.

ABA Employers Edge is offered only through qualified agents such as CravensWarren. Chubb's standard EPLI policy for professional firms  is also available.

Please contact Mike Schneider for further details.