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Distracted Driving - How Does it Impact You

May 1, 2011
Distracted Driving - How Does it Impact You image

By Erick J. Hoyer, Risk Manager

In admitting I am being a bit hypocritical, I will start this article by admitting that I am a texting driver. Actually, I used to be a texting driver. Just by watching this video and spending five minutes on the internet, researching the topic has changed six years of habit. Did you know that “drivers who use hand-held devices behind the wheel are FOUR times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves or others?” (NHTSA)

What does this mean for you: the parent, the business owner, the liable party?

I think all parents understand the dangers of teenagers behind the wheel. However, did you know that drivers under 20 years old represent the highest proportion of distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes? As a parent, set good examples of how you want your teenager to drive; they will see you choosing not to answer the text and they will follow your lead.

How does this affect you as a person? Well, besides the possible loss of life and all of the headaches that come with accidents, the primary reason not to text and drive is that it is illegal in 40 states and territories. Regardless of its legality in your home state, it is a good risk management practice to assume it is illegal.

As the business owner what can an incident of distracted driving mean for you? Loss of life, loss of production, enormous liability exposures, vehicle down time, revenue losses, possible loss of a valuable member of your organization- you get the picture. Why would you put yourself or your employees in a position where the only outcome of “distracted driving” is negative?

How do you prevent these exposures? Call a Cravens Warren Risk Manager and we will provide you with the proper risk management tools to assist you with this very important issue. Also, please visit the TXDOT Distracted Driving Campaign Homepage for more information.

Please view this video- it will absolutely provoke emotions that will convince you & all you share it with to think twice before texting & driving: Video Link