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Disaster Planning Websites

Feb 2, 2012

Here is a handy listing of websites that can be used for disaster planning:

Government Sites:

Be Ready Campaign-
Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry-
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention-
Citizen Corps-
Department of Commerce-
Department of Education-
Department of Energy-
Department of Health & Human Services-
Department of Homeland Security-
Department of Interior-
Department of Justice-
Environmental Protection Agency-
Federal Emergency Management Agency-
Food & Drug Administration-
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration-
National Weather Service-
Nuclear Regulatory Commission-
The Critical Infastructure Assurance Office-
The White House-
US Department of Agriculture-
US Fire Administration-
US Geological Survey-
US Office of Personnel Management-
US Postal Service-

Non Government Sites:

American Red Cross-
Institute for Business & Home Safety-
National Fire Protection Agency-
National Mass Fatalities Institute-
National Safety Compliance-
The Pan American Health Organization-