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Cravens Warren Client Spotlight: ODIN Industrial Demolition & Asset Recovery

By Ashley Western, ACSR, MSM RMI - Commercial Business Development Manager | May 12, 2011
Cravens Warren Client Spotlight: ODIN Industrial Demolition & Asset Recovery image
Mike Mitchum of ODIN- Featured speaker on Demolition Safety at TDI Safety Summit May 12, 2011


  On May 12, 2011, ODIN Industrial Demolition & Asset Recovery was featured as a guest speaker at the TDI Safety Summit held in Austin, TX.  The Safety Summit is an annual conference presented by the Texas Department of Insurance to focus attention on industrial workplace safety. Model organizations from around the country are invited to attend as presenters. In the case of ODIN the focus was on demolition insurance and risk management in a field where safety is of paramount concern.

  Mike is an expert at demolition, dismantling, and asset recovery.  He has been in the demolition business for the past 38 years, after a successful career in the military.  After many years of service with a very large corporation in the field, Mike & Katherine Mitchum started ODIN Demolition, to focus on their goal of providing quality demolition & dismantling services, while ensuring proactive safety on their jobsites.

ODIN's mission is clear:

ODIN's mission is to provide technical expertise on decommissioning, demolition, dismantling, and asset recovery using a safe, cost-effective and innovative approach. "We will successfully complete our mission, protect the health and safety of all persons associated with or affected by our work, while being good stewards of the environment" stated ODIN's Mike Mitchum

  Mitchum spoke regarding safety and benchmarks used by insurance companies and project owners.  He highlighted one very important fact in the demolition business regarding safety measurements:  Because Demolition & Dismantling operations are very mechanical operations, there are low man-hours involved in a project.  Therefore, one small accident can have a huge impact  on the operation's Total Recordable Incident Rate, Lost Time Incident Rate, and Experience Modifier.