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Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial flood insurance, do you really need it?

Commercial flood insurance presents some challenges for business owners. The potential for commercial flood damage is a very real, however, fire policies and many commercial insurance policies do not protect you with regard to Flood damage. Commercial flood insurance is an essential for many businesses, even those who think that they don't need flood insurance. Because of the obvious and some of the hidden risks, you should look into the purchase of a separate commercial flood insurance policy. Many Business owners will also qualify for the Preferred Program at reasonable rates.

Even if you have sustained flood damage previously you can obtain a commercial flood insurance policy. Any structure at ground level is subject to flooding. Even though your area has never flooded before, this is no guarantee against future damage. Many commercial properties that have not flooded in 30 years are now flooding due to:

  • Change in area drainage patterns
  • Poor flood control maintenance
  • Increased construction which can lead to more runoff of water during heavy rain
  • Blocked storm sewers or drainage bayous
  • Heavy concentration of rain in a localized area

As with other types of insurance, rates for commercial flood insurance are based on the degree of risk. FEMA assesses flood risk for all the participating communities, resulting in the publication of thousands of individual flood rate maps. High-risk areas are known as Special Flood Hazard Areas or SFHAs.

We are specialists in Commercial Flood Insurance. Our staff works to stay current on all changes in the National Flood Insurance Program. We know how to provide complete protection for your home or business at the lowest cost.  Use the "Quick Question" form on the right hand area of the page to contact one of our commercial flood insurance experts for more information. Protect yourself, get a free Commercial Flood Insurance Quote Today.

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