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ASI and Progressive Rebranding Home Insurance Products

By Staff | Sep 6, 2017
ASI and Progressive Rebranding Home Insurance Products image

This past year, we’ve spent time determining how to best evolve our branding as we bring ASI and Progressive together -- specifically, answering the question of what to call ASI's home product to agents and customers. Agent attitudes and expectations around what we can do better and what we should maintain were an important consideration, so we enlisted a third-party vendor to help collect candid input through a series of 1:1 interviews with ASI and Progressive-appointed agents. Interviews included ASI and Progressive Agency Council members, Progressive Home Advantage agents, and Platinum agents.
The agent feedback was loud and clear on the topic of brand. You’re ready for a new way to highlight our product's outstanding quality and associated service. You recognize that these and other attributes are consistent with Progressive’s powerful brand, as reinforced by hundreds of millions of broadcast and online advertising impressions each year.

Here’s what our agents told us:

“I think it is probably a good thing to get out into the marketplace and say, ‘We offer home and auto together, and it is all Progressive.’ It’s more of a standard product that way. I think there’s a huge benefit to that.”
“[The ASI relationship has] given Progressive Auto a home brand. That’s huge. Obviously, I know their goals of getting preferred business. If they branded everything as Progressive, that’s where they need to go, and that would help get them to that market better.”

We heard you. So, I’m excited to formally announce an important step forward in our goal of offering the best home product in the market: The ASI home product now will be branded Progressive Home.
What is changing and when
Progressive Home will replace the ASI Home and Progressive Home Advantage branding of the product in our agent communications and sales materials (available on Progressive Marketing) starting today. Like most rebranding efforts of this size, the changes to the branding on our online quoting and servicing platforms, policy forms, and other day-to-day operations will take time. We will provide regular updates on progress over the next six months, but expect the pace of changes to accelerate.
Despite this rebranding, ASI will remain the carrier and some customer experiences may continue to feature the ASI brand. Agents participating in our research recognized the important role agents will play in setting clear consumer expectations up front when placing customers with a Progressive-branded home policy. Letting customers know that ASI will be the carrier and that they will see ASI branding on their policy documents and in servicing or claims experiences is a message you deliver well today, and we ask that you continue to set this expectation to minimize the chance of confusion as we take the final steps toward fully transitioning to Progressive Home.
For existing customers, we plan to announce in late September that the ASI Home product is now Progressive Home, and we’ll let them know about the branding changes they’ll see over time on their policy documents, online and in servicing and claims. We don’t anticipate this will generate calls to you, but you should be prepared to answer any questions you get during routine servicing or policy reviews, always being clear that the carrier is ASI, which you may explain is an affiliate of Progressive.
What isn’t changing
We also heard loud and clear in the research that you appreciate the passion, service and partnership you get from ASI’s underwriting, sales, claims and servicing teams. I’m confident this will continue, and grow even stronger with the resources, focus, and expertise that ASI and Progressive are combining to deliver to you. ASI and Progressive owe our success to independent agents, and we are excited about what we’re planning together to help you thrive.