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The 10 Workplace Injuries that Cost US Employers the Most Money

By Staff | Feb 18, 2016
The 10 Workplace Injuries that Cost US Employers the Most Money image

If you are an employer, there is no doubt that workplace injuries top your list of concerns. You have every right to worry. Based on data from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2013, accidents and injuries at work, which caused employees to miss six or more days of work, cost US employers $62 billion dollars. In addition to paying for the cost of the accident, and a portion of the worker's pay, employers also have to hire temps, manage a loss in productivity, and a disruption in quality. Even the reputation of the company can be damaged.

According to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, $51 billion of the total $62 billion is due to the 10 most common work-related injuries. Understanding these serious but nonfatal injuries can help employers improve safety and their bottom line.

Here is a list of the top 10 causes of US workplace injuries:

10.    Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion due to micro-tasks takes tenth place at 2.9% and $1.82 billion. These kinds of tasks include things like running a computer and making identical movements over and over, or a cashier scanning and bagging over and over again.

9.    Impact against Something

This is number nine and accounts for 3% of workplace injuries and $1.85 billion. This happens when an employee bumps or hits an object at work. This can be a warehouse worker stubbing a toe on a pallet or a secretary bumping into the fax machine.

8.    Caught between Something

Coming in 8th, at 3.2% and $1.97 billion is an employee getting caught between objects or equipment that is still running, moving, or sliding. This could be a falling stack of boxes that lands on an employee or a factory worker getting their hand caught in a machine.

7.    Slipping or Tripping without Falling

The 7th place injury is slipping or tripping, with 3.8% of the accidents and costing $2.35 billion. Although the employee doesn't hit the ground, they can hurt themselves. For instance, they may pull their shoulder out of joint, by grabbing a rail as they fall, or hurt their knee as they try to prevent themselves from falling.

6.    Motor Vehicle Accidents